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Seymchan Meteorite. .120" Thick

Seymchan Meteorite. .120" Thick

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Seymchan (meteorite)

Originally found in Russia in the 1960's
Rough size .120" thick x 10" long x 2.5" tall at the biggest.
An olivine-free portion of Seymchan
Structural classificationCoarse octahedrite
GroupMain Group Pallasite
Composition9.15% Ni, 24.6 ppm Ga, 68.3 ppm Ge, 0.55 ppm Ir.
RegionMagadan Oblast
Coordinates62°54′N 152°26′ECoordinates62°54′N 152°26′E[1]
Observed fallNo
Found dateJune 1967
TKWabout 380 kg

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